Sketches (2015)

by Joe Boswell

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I'm trying to teach myself how to write and perform some more lo-fi material. Songs that sell themselves, and that I can perform without a 10-piece band. Plan is to post a new sketch each month.


released January 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Joe Boswell England, UK

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Track Name: january (silver halide song)
sitting with my mother
as she's sorting out her clothes
so that when she dies she knows
we'll have less to do

and underneath the bed she finds
her daddy's dressing gown
well what's it good for now
but to polish her shoes?

the rain is tapping lightly
on the window pain

and the kitten that we found outside
is chasing round its tail

move out to the countryside
just to lick my wounds
and to get away from you
y'know you're poison now

and holed up in a soundproof room
i'll sit like marcel proust
overwhelmed by years of youth
he sat and wrote it all down

pull the curtains tight
and watch the mould creep up the walls

let all people that you touched
get touched again
and forget
who you were

are we in the atoms
or are we in the shapes?

just staring at my photographs
as silver halides fade.

you know you were the only one
who ever loved my songs
well you couldn't have loved them more
than i loved you then.

and now the voices on the radio
they say that life goes on
oh well oh bla di bla da
and oh bloody hell.

put away those childish things
it's time to get a job

you know the melodies are pretty
but they'll never buy you a home
Track Name: february (i'm 19, it's autumn)
i'm 19, it's autumn,
and outside a fight.
she's ripped his sleeve,
he holds her tight.

but she's flailing,
declaiming 'i gave you my life,
you son of a bitch,
i want it back.'

but she's old now,
he's drunk and
dumbstruck from the fight,
he turns to leave,
i catch her eye.

and the look that she gives me
it drowns out her screaming
to fuck off and never come back.

it says she knows
that she'll follow him.

and she does.

it's frightening to me,
now that i'm 25,
that I believed in you,
i watched you cry,

as you asked me
to hold up the sky,
and i tried,
and from that height,
I lost my head.

and as firmament crumbled,
you found me torn up,
and with your furniture
scattered around...

... just begging 'please,
take my place,
hold this weight,
for a while'.

it's a long way to fall, my love
and there's nobody watching me.

you were my witness, love,
and now i'm fading,
i feel like i'm fading.

a writer at heart,
and in her words
i thought i'd seen
her beauty
and a love that i could share.

and so i pressed against
her skin, and scratched
and kissed,
'just let me in!'

and sure enough,
I got my way.

and then there on her pages,
stock still and staring back at me,
a boy with my eyes,
and my name.

and a girl -
how she loved him,
that girl that you made.

don't fall in love with artists,
they'll only press you for your pain,
it's just a game for them.
my love was real.

and though i dream of you at night,
i know this hatred makes me wise.
my body knows.
my body knows.
Track Name: march (hayfever)
i awoke this morning
to a phonecall two years late
someone wants me
but i don't go by that name anymore

and rapping at my window
there's a girl of just nineteen
a patient for the patient
i'll wait patiently for she

and when we wake
on a bright summer's day
to find ourselves on our own

i'll hear in her voice
a melody i'll
feel like i've always known

but major moves to minor
on the turning of a key
all my lovers all my lifetimes
variation on a theme

so i'll gather all who'll listen
and i'll ask them when we die
that they make of us a piano
and play us through to the next life

and when we wake
it won't be the same
and i'll find myself on my own

but in one way
our bright summer's day lives on
in the melody that i stole from your song